At Jan's Floristry, we are passionate about giving back to society and bringing hope to marginalised individuals. In particular, we feel strongly for persons with mental illness. While our society has become more accepting in the recent years, the stigma still remains due to the lack of awareness of the taboo topic. Many patients have reservation about disclosing their condition because they do not want to be viewed in a negative light. Some may even be reluctant to seek treatment or follow the prescribed course of medication for fear of being found out. 


To help raise awareness of mental health issues, Jan's Floristry initiated a fundraising project for Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH). Purchase a wellness bouquet from us at $80 and $5 will go to SAMH to empower and help beneficiaries in their journey to recovery and mental wellness. The funds raised will also be used to support SAMH's community education and engagement initiatives. Each wellness bouquet comes with a calming eucalyptus fragrance bag. 

We sincerely thank you for your kind support and hope that our flowers bring joy and purpose to you and your loved ones.  

Design A: Yume

Design A: Yume

Yume ゆめ means "Dreams" in Japanese. This bouquet is inspired by C who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 18. Despite so, she did not give up on life and worked hard to pursue her dreams. With the care and love from her family, she has since accepted her condition and is now helping to raise awareness of mental health issues in her little ways. Pink roses symbolise gratitude, grace and joy, and they happen to be one of C’s favourite flowers too!

Design B: Mamoru

Design B: Mamoru

Mamoru まもる means "To protect" in Japanese. While there has been an increase in awareness of mental health issues over the years, the negative stereotypes of persons with mental illness still remain, with common labels such as "abnormal” or even "crazy". This bouquet is crafted with the hope to protect patients from discrimination, and to promote acceptance and respect for them. It features yellow roses - a symbol of friendship, care and compassionate.


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