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We offer a special discount to all our friends because we believe that the friendship forged is equally, if not more important than dollars and cents. Hence, if you are friends with any of our friends below, do follow their Instagram and Facebook pages for some exclusive perks.  


photo_2020-06-07 17.42.32.jpeg


Common Chefs Bistro is one of our trusted friends that serves hearty food at pocket-friendly prices. We highly recommend the Rich Man Burger set that comes with the crispy tater tots and a generous serving of cheddar cheese. Alike the food, the owner of Common Chefs is generous, warm and passionate about serving her customers the best food. Head down to the cafe and you will be delighted to find our preserved bouquets residing in a happy corner.

photo_2020-07-05 22.05.39.jpeg


The Workbench Bistro is more than a neighbourhood cafe because they serve extraordinary fusion food at ordinary prices. The dishes are just as creative as their names can get. We highly recommend the 忘不了 (memorable) waffle as it tantalizes taste buds with the perfect blend of sweet condensed milk and savoury Parmesan cheese. Bring your date to the cafe and enjoy a FREE classic waffle when you purchase a bouquet of preserved flowers. We got your back because who won't fall for sweet treats and flowers? 

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